Porter is Five

10:31:00 AM

Every year I think...Can you believe it has been blank many years?  This year feels a little different.  Five is such a large number.  And next year we will begin kindergarten life.  I am so thankful for these last five years.  Our lives have changed and I could not be any happier.  
Porter is into all things BOY: Baseball/teeball is probably his favorite.  We are still consumed with watching the Royals play on TV and reenacting exactly what Salvador Perez does.  Do not try to walk in the living room during this time, or you will hear "Mom! Get off my field!"  Soccer is probably his second love.  Recently we played our first game for the season and he scored two goals, last year he did this but for the other team.  ;)  When mommy or daddy go for a run outside he has to join.  He can definitely hold his own the other night he ran a mile in 13 minutes.  I thought that was pretty good for a five year old.  

We still have a love for Legos.  We love buying them and looking at them.  Porter will usually put them together for the most part, but Drew or I end up finishing them.  After they are put together he can sit and play with these for hours.  

I love to watch Porter interact with other kids.  At preschool he is now the oldest and it's awesome to hear how he is the "helper" this year.  He is very helpful around the house, if there is chore that needs to be done, Porter will do it.  He thinks cleaning and doing chores are fun...I wonder how long this will last.

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