Disney World 2017

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In June of 2017 we took Porter on his fifth trip to a Disney destination!! We had such a wonderful time.  I am sad that we have been so busy that I am just getting around to writing this blog.  Everyone says to us, "why do you take your kids so young...they will never remember it!?" Honestly, we took him at first because he was FREE to fly and FREE to get into the parks.  Parker was still free to get into the parks so if you personally are a lover of Disney why would you not take them?  Who cares if they may not remember.  It is time spent together as a family.  Every time we go the kids see the parks in a different view.  This time Porter was able to ride most of the rides.  He loved Magic Kingdoms 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride and we took him on Everest, not his favorite, but he still did it!!  Parker was amazed at all of the characters and fireworks shows.  I will never forget watching Happily Ever After for the first time at Magic Kingdom with my kids who both knew every Disney song played.  It was truly a magical moment for me.

We stayed for 6 days and 5 nights at All Star Sport resort.  (Note on this hotel: we loved it!! If you plan to spend all of your time at the parks then these cheaper resorts are great.  Another bonus of the All Star resorts was the short bus rides to and from the parks.)  We did not do park hoppers and we only did three parks, so Epcot was out this time.

To start things off our flight was delayed 3 hours...

They look super unhappy.

Here are some of the great moments captured each day:

Day One: Magic Kingdom
Day Two: Hollywood Studios
Day Three: Animal Kingdom
Day Four: Pool day and Disney Springs
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