Phases of PD Tonsillectomy

9:12:00 PM

Earlier this year Porter continued to get strep over and over again. He could not recover. Once he finished an antibiotic he would get strep again. We went to the ENT and sure enough he was a strong candidate for tonsillectomy and adenoids to be removed.  He also suffered from sleep apnea and snoring. 

Surgery took place at Children's Mercy with Dr. Latz who actually did Parkers tubes last year.  The photos above are from the presurgery room. Probably the most anticipation was here...Porter loved playing with all of the toys.  The procedure took about 40 minutes total. Then the doctor came in and stated everything went great! Porter had a split Uvala so they left 30% of his adenoids. (Not sure what this means?) About 30 minutes later Porter was awake and ready to move to his room. From there on he was great!! 
He was pretty lethargic from the surgery but the only real pain he had was from the IV.  Immediately he wanted a drink and some ice cream. He drank the required liquids fairly quickly. He passed all of the guidelines and we were out of the hospital within 2 hours post surgery. 
We went home and rested the first three days and Parker went to daycare. Porter seemed great and like there was no pain. Although, he was on pain meds non stop. 
On day 5 we started to wean him off of the Tylenol. This is when he started to have a little bit of pain. Mostly when he would eat. The worst was around Day 10 when they say the scabs are coming off. 
Ice cream and pudding sound great until you eat it for 7 days straight. At one point Porter said "I just want meat!" It's hard to see your child want something they cannot have. I found out later that he loves egg salad and this was the best way to feed him something soft with protein. 
We are now on day 12 and he had chicken tonight but we are still holding off on chips, crackers, and anything sharp.  Hopefully he will continue to get better as he returns to daycare tomorrow. I think both of us may suffer a little from missing each other. 💔

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