ParkerAnneS is Two

6:22:00 AM

I am a little behind but two weeks ago Parker turned two years old! She has grown into a strong, independent, young lady. Which can sometimes be good and sometimes be bad. She is strong enough to stand up for herself when she is being picked on but also stubborn when it comes to what she wants.  (I wonder who that sounds like!?...😉)  This stubbornness particularly comes out when you are trying to get her in the car seat. She hates that thing! It is a fight every single time.

She loves playing with princesses and watching Mickey Mouse Club House but she also can hang with the boys and dig in the dirt. 

Her favorite movie is a toss up between Frozen aka "Elsa," Zootopia and Trolls! She loves these movies because of the music in them. She likes to dance to the songs. 
She absolutely loves shoes. I think she may have more than I do. She also loves to pose when there is a camera on her. 
The day of her birthday I may have allowed her to have a little too much candy and by the time we got to her cake she had a melt down...
 Overall it is sometimes fun to have a small and simple party. 
Thank you Lord for blessing me with a daughter. I pray that I can show her how to be a woman of faith. I pray that she is confident but respectful to others.

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