Our Trip to Dallas

2:43:00 PM

Last weekend we were all blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a wedding for Drews brother and our new sister.  The couple lives in Dallas so the wedding was destination for us.

The trip started with a five hour drive to Oklahoma. 
 Things started with presents from Gigi. Of course she had to put messy candy and noisy toys! 
We tried to break up the drive with some fun for the kids at the pool. (I cannot believe Parker is big enough to fit in these floaties. She is getting big too fast.)
   Once getting to Dallas we tried to entertain the kids and give them a "vacation" before the festivities began. 
 Friday night festivities began with the dress rehearsal dinner. When in Dallas Mexican food is a must!!! By the way these two were so helpful all weekend! I am not sure what Drew and I would have done without their help. (Whitney is Drew's sister and Alex is her boyfriend.)   
I'm sure these ladies will love that I posted a pic of us prior to our makeup but getting ready for the wedding was half the fun! 
My new sister and the other Mrs. Schieber.
Such a beautiful wedding and fun night!!! 

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