2016 Halloween

12:27:00 AM

This year we had multiple opportunities to trick or treat. The kids love to play dress up so we have many costumes to choose from.  

Friday night Parker refused to wear the Minnie Mouse costume we had. (Funny because she loves MeMe right now.) Anyways she wanted to be a baseball player and so did Porter.  Can't tell you how many people thought Parker was a boy but I still thought she was cute! 
Saturday we went to a carnival at a local church.  Parker decided to wear batgirl and Porter wore the fireman costume he bought with his own money, because we already had an astronaut costume.
At Porters preschool party he was an astronaut. Here he is holding a ghost...
On Halloween Porter ended up as a baseball player and Parker a ballerina. Neither costumes were planned or bought. 
Parker did try on the Minnie Mouse costume but it didn't last long before the ballerina. 
Overall we had a total of 7 costumes in 3 days sounds like a lot but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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