Summer (June/July) 2016

7:11:00 AM

This summer was pretty amazing! It's been nice to have two toddlers who can interact and play with eachother.  I tried to make it through the alphabet on table time but we were so busy everyday we only made it through the letter J.  I still think he learned a few things.
Porter played teeball.
Played in boxes.
Parker got her ears pierced.
Played at a splash pad.
Went to the zoo.
Enjoyed a bubble bath on a rainy day.
Celebrated the Fourth of July.
Went to Worlds and Oceans of Fun.
Played dress up.
Celebrated the life of a pretty awesome Grandpa.
Went to the Royals game.
Went swimming.
Well I'm sure there are things I missed, but I'm exhausted just thinking of everything we did.

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