Porter is Four

10:22:00 PM

Four years later I can still remember the moment I became a mom. I remember the night Porter was born as I watched the nurses give him a bath and I thought I  have no idea what I am doing. Here we are now and it has been a pretty great four years. 

Porter is very shy at first but once you get to know him he will run around crazy to get your attention.  In a large group he does not like to be forced to "perform."  Unless it has to do with sports.
Porter has an small obsession with baseball, soccer...well I guess all sports. As we watch the KC Royals play Porter has to do whatever Salvy does. If he is catching then Porter has to wear his catchers gear. If Salvy is hitting then he has a bat in his hand. He is a big fan of dress up his favorite outfit at the time is a storm trooper costume. 
When Porter grows up he wants to be an astronaut. He tells me that him, Daddy, and Grandpa are going to the moon one day.  He loves watching movies with a space theme. 
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: Popsicles
Favorite past time: Doing chores at Grandpas 
Favorite Drink: orange soda 
Favorite movie: Wreck it Ralph or anything space related
Favorite Bible story: Armor of God

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