Phases of PD-Swimming lessons

9:56:00 PM

Last year we had a scary moment where Porter fell into the pool without a life jacket. Luckily, Drew was there to get him out but man...probably one of the scariest moments of my life! With that being said Porter is very comfortable with the water, so we wanted to make sure he had a few skills under his belt.

We took a two week class with six total sessions at Gage Gymanistics in Blue Springs, MO.  This was an amazing place to take lessons! We were lucky enough to have a small class so the student to teacher ratio was two to one and sometimes one to one.  Porter learned to jump in touch the bottom while blowing out bubbles. He swam across the pool with little assistance on his tummy and his back.  
Here are a few shots from the past two weeks:
The very first day we spent majority of the class on this bench. Porter is not scared of the water, but he is very shy.  No one is going to make him do anything.

Here's Parker waiting for Brother to be done...

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