Omaha Nebraska

9:24:00 AM

Recently we took a two day trip to Omaha, NE. It is about a three hour drive and we have been wanting to visit their zoo.  I found a reasonably price hotel with a splash park. The Holiday Inn Downtown Airport which is located across the street from TD Ameritrade Park where the college World Series is played.  (Although, I do not suggest you travel to Omaha during this time.)

We left after church on Easter Sunday and arrived just in time to check in at our hotel. The kids (and adults) were excited to play in the water park so we immediately put our swim suits on and went swimming. 
I'm not going to lie the water was SUPER cold and there was an emergency exit in the park with a crack on the bottom. This allowed cold air to enter the park which made the air very cold as well.
The next day we ventured out to the Omaha Zoo.  I do not have any pictures because it is a dark area, but our favorite area was the swamps.  This is located under the desert dome.  DO NOT MISS THIS IF YOU GO!
Here is Porter acting like the Gorillas.
Our one family picture inside the aquarium. 
If you plan on visiting in 2016 I would suggest you wait until after they are done with all of the construction.  The entire Africa exhibit is closed due to construction. With this being said we still spent an entire day at the zoo. 
Parker watching brother play on the playground. 
When we were leaving the zoo there is a small baseball field, it is what is left of the old Rosenblatt stadium.  At one time it was Drews dream to play at this field...well we were able to play here!
Overall a great two day trip.  Excited to visit again when more is open at the zoo.

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