Parker Anne Eleven Months

7:37:00 AM

Feeding: Still feeding on a pretty consistent schedule every three hours 6oz of formula.  She is eating pretty much everything.  She loves blueberries but doesn't really care for spicy food. 

Sleeping: Parker goes to bed routinely at 8:00pm every night and either sleeps until 6:30am or wakes up once for a bottle. 

Parker started walking everywhere and all of the time. I even saw her run a little the other day when I turned on the vacuum. 
This has been the nicest February I can remember. Most days are sunny and warm. 
She loves all things water...she is going to be so excited when we go to the pool this summer!
Daddy's girl...
Thank you Grandma for these glasses.
Cheering on Aunty Whitneys team in March Madness.

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