Parker Anne Ten Months

7:57:00 AM

Feeding: We are officially done with breastfeeding. We have switched to all formula last week. I forgot how bad it stinks and how much it changes their diapers. Still feeding about every three hours. 6:30am, 8:30am, 11:30am, after nap, 5:30pm, and right before bed.  Parker has been sick and eating a bottle has been very inconsistent. Sometimes she will drink all 6oz and sometimes only 2oz.  (We did 5oz breast milk bottles but with the way formula works we give her 4 to 6oz bottles.) 
Parker eats three full meals a day with other snacks and bottles in between.  At one of her many doctor appointments over the last month we were told she needed to eat more because she was not keeping up with her growth curve. 
Her favorites are spaghetti and blueberries, but honestly she will eat just about anything!

Sleeping: Let me start by saying since our Disney trip and December Parker has had four double ear infections. (We have an appointment with the ENT but not until next month...) Sleeping is just not something that comes easy when you don't feel good.  Most nights she will sleep from 8pm to 12am then it's always a guessing game after that.  We did have a few weeks after she got a penicillin shot where she slept consistently through the night.
At the doctors office before her third shot in a row. These shots are very painful and I only recommend doing this if you are very sick.  We went back to the doctors office recently and she flipped out. She may be scarred for life.

Watching Super Bowl 50.
Playing on her slide inside and out.
She is taking multiple steps by herself but I would not consider it "walking."

She has a few words like ma ma, dad da, uh oh, and shakes her head NO!

Everything on the floor goes in her mouth, you literally have to watch her like a hawk. 

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