DIY Disney Tshirts

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We knew a year in advance that we were going to Disney World around Christmas time.  We had a group of twelve people who ranged in size of 9 months to extra large.  When I started looking for matching shirts online it became a bit of a challenge. Everyone on Etsy wanted $25 or more for each shirt and well...times that by 12.  I was not going to pay that especially when my two kids would only be able to wear the shirts on this trip, by next trip they would have grown out of them.

We really wanted the three-quarter length shirts, but this also became very difficult to find.  After a few days of looking I order our kids shirts on Amazon.  These were a super soft material and did not shrink when they were washed.  I first ordered our adult shirts on Amazon as well, but they came in and were see-through.  I knew Drew would not wear this, so I sent them back and found these Adidas shirts from Dick's Sporting Goods they were only $9.99 and there are multiple colored sleeves to choose from.  We chose red because we were going at Christmas.

What you will need:
Shirts (see links above)
Color Printer
T-shirt Transfer Paper
Flat surface
Timer (I used my phone)
Washer and Dryer

1. Wash and dry your shirts this is a very important step.  It will allow the ink to sit on the material of the shirt better.
2. I found the Mickey and Minnie images by googling them.
3. To get the Disney font you have to download the font Waltograph from here. Follow the directions on the website and the font will become an option on your Microsoft Word.
4. I placed the text I wanted on each logo.
5. Test print to make sure the image fits the shirt the way that you like it.
6. Print the image on the transfer paper.
7. Iron the image onto the t-shirt.  Follow the time given on the transfer paper you choose.
8. Let the image sit and peel of the top layer of paper.

See this video for more instructions.

Tips: The shirt really needs to be washed before you start this process.  Make sure your paper is placed in the print the correct way.  It is really best if you have two people working on this together.  The letters look better on the image rather than under the image.  (See my star wars shirts.  The letters under just did not turn out the best.) Be careful when you pull off the protective cover, some of our shirts started to peel.

Here are the shirts we made for the large group.  We wore these for the Very Merry Christmas Party. Altogether these shirts cost us around $15 a piece.

Here are the shirts I made for Star Wars day at Hollywood Studios.  Drew and I wore Darth Vader shirts I found at Kohl's for $7.

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