Day Two of Disney World 2015

5:10:00 PM

We went to the Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom.  The actual party did not start until 7 PM but your ticket to the party allowed you to enter the park at 4 PM.  The party was exactly like the name sounds 'Very Merry.' There were free cookies and hot cocoa around the park.  The most unique part of the night were the characters dressed in Christmas attire.  This would have been really fun except Porter is not too fond of the costume characters.

If you ever go to Disney at Christmas make sure you buy these bulb necklaces here in advance. It will save you half the money.  See how I made our matching shirts here.
We saw Belles Enchanted tales.
Playing at the playground for the Dumbo ride.
I believe we went to every Star Bucks at Disney. If you have traveled to Disney with kids you know caffeine is a must!
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