Parker Anne Nine Months

7:07:00 AM

Feeding: 6:30am, 8:30am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm (and whenever she wakes up in the night.)
We have added more table foods but we are still giving her blended fruit and vegetables at each table setting.

Sleep: What is that!? We have been on a sleep roller coaster since I went back to work. Mainly because Parker cannot stay healthy.  Most recently she had an ear infection in her right ear that was immediately followed by a double ear infection.  Our little one cannot catch a break which leaves to a lack of sleeping through the night.

Likes: Taking a bath, when we warm up the water she stands on the side of the tub.  Sometimes when we are home I find her in the bathroom standing by the side of the tub just waiting for someone to give her a bath.
Loves her big brother.

Dislikes: Eating vegetables.  Since we have started more table foods vegetables are just not her favorite thing.

Milestones: While watching the Chiefs game last week Parker showed us she can now clap her hands to cheer.  She is standing alone for short periods of time.  It is scary to think she will be walking in just a few months.  She has started to shake her head "No."

Parker Celebrated her first Christmas and New Years.

Saw the Chiefs win their first playoff game and twenty two years.  I'd say this girl is good luck!  Considering the Chiefs and Royals have done so well since she has been alive.

Painted her toe nails for the first time.
Went to Silver Dollar City on Christmas Eve Eve.

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