Day Three of Disney World

7:06:00 AM

We went to Animal Kingdom.  Porter's current favorite movie is Tarzan so we made an effort to go to the meet and greet for him.  When we walked to the line and saw Tarzan talking to other people Porter started to get nervous. (Honestly I do not blame him.  He was a little creepy.)  Mommy and Daddy rode Expedition Everest while Gigi watched all of the little kids.
Porter and Drew went through the Dino land where they played the arcade games.  Porter wanted to play a game where he could throw the ball.  The arcade worker told Porter he could stand on the counter since he was so little.  Porter then won two stuffed animals one large turtle for himself and one little turtle for Parker.  He actually won an extra large stuffed animal but they didn't have one in orange so he decided on two smaller ones.

Animal Kingdom currently closes early, because they do not have a night show (yet!)  So we headed to our dinner reservation at Ohana's.  This is one of my favorite restaurants located at Disney.  It is located at the Polynesian Resort with a Hawaiian theme.  The food all comes out family style and it is all you can eat.  Almost everything on the menu was dairy free except the bread and the dessert, but the chef personally brought me an alternate for both and they still tasted amazing!!  I will never forget how many times we had to take our children to the bathroom during this one dinner setting.  Between the four kids we had that were potty trained I think we went to the bathroom a total of twelve times. Here is Porter trying on some hats at the Polynesian.
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