Day Six of Disney World

7:04:00 AM

We went to Epcot.  This is probably my least favorite park of the four, but we still had a good time.  The few things that kids can enjoy we did, Turtle Talk with Crush, character meet and greet, and the Finding Nemo Ride.

Porter was really excited and NERVOUS to meet these characters. He would only go near them if we were holding them,but when we left the room he would
The weather was beautiful our entire trip, for lunch we enjoyed Mexican food on this deck overlooking a lake.  It was pretty picture perfect.
My favorite part of this day was the Osbourne Lights (we went back to Hollywood Studios.)  I hate to tell you that 2015 was the last year for these lights.  I had heard they were pretty amazing, but words cannot express the beauty that these lights exude.  As different songs play in the background the lights dance to the beat of the music.  I most remember the song Feliz Navidad.  Random I know, but people were singing and dancing throughout the streets.  I will never be able to listen to this song again without thinking of this moment in my life.
Porter missed this picture because he was spending one on one time with GiGi.
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