World Series Champs 2015

8:43:00 PM

We did it! We won the World Series! October has become a very exciting yet exhausting month these past two years.  All of the playoff games and late night (extra inning) World Series games have been fun and exciting but it will be nice to rest.

Last year we went to game two of the World Series but this year we did not think it was something we could afford with choosing to go to Disney in December. 
The night we won (game 5) Porter had a fever so we put him to bed on time.  He woke up around 10:30pm during the 9th inning.  (This was the comeback inning.)  I could hear the tv while trying to comfort him back to sleep, so he joined us in the living room to finish out the game.  
Our celebration hats, confetti and silly string.
This was right before we won! I hope you like those earrings...they were my rally earrings I put on in the 9th. You're welcome!
Someone woke up from all of the fireworks going off. 
Let's just say a week later I am still finding confetti in some pretty random places, but it was so worth it.

After your team wins a national championship there has to be a celebration.  Kansas City planned the parade on the Tuesday after the win. School was canceled and most people were off work.  
Here we are on our way to the parade.
We got there pretty early (3 hours to be exact) and staked out a spot that we could see both the parade and the celebration.
Here is what our view looked like when the parade was estimated that 800,000 people attended the celebration.  I'm pretty sure most of them ended up in front of us.
We ended up leaving before the celebration started.  There were too many people in one spot.  With two little ones I just wanted to be out of the crowd and in a spot where my cell phone had reception.  I know, first world problems but it was all about the experience and memories we made, but if we win next year I will watch the parade from the comfort of my home.

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