Parker Anne Seven Months

8:38:00 PM

Feedings: Still feeding 5 oz every three hours starting at 7:30, 10:30, 1, 4, 6 and 8.  She is not really interested in her first bottle or her bottle at 6pm.  I have thought about changing her schedule to start at 6am and do bottles consistently every 3 hours.  We have started one fruit and one vegetable a day. Her current favorite is peaches.  We have tried peas, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches and apples.

Sleeping: I remember when Porter was six months he slept very well. Parker has been so inconsistent partly because she has been sick off and on.  Although the past two nights she slept eight hours straight! This is big time for her.  Ever since she went to bottles and since I went back to work we have only had a few nights where she has slept past four hours straight.

-Current favorite thing to play with is any plastic bag.  
-Her daddy! She loves Drew and Porter. When either around she smiles the biggest grin I have ever seen. 
-Holding a taggie when she sleeps.
-Her bottle warmed.  She will not drink it cold for me.

-When mommy leaves the room.
-Getting into her car seat.
-Wearing her bow.  It is a battle to keep that thing on. 
-Being changed on the changing table.

-We are mobile! Parker crawls short distances.  She has not discovered that crawling could change her world.  Currently it is more of a convenience when she really wants a toy.
-First ear infection
-Celebrated the Royals winking the World Series!!
-Added the word DaDa to her vocabulary. 
-Started signing "more" and "all done."
-Pulling herself up on all tables and in her crib. 
Rode in the cart with brother for the first time, at Target.
Played in a fort made of pillows.
Woke up to celebrate a World Series win for the Royals!!!
Went to Worlds of Fun for the first time.
Swinging at the park.

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