Halloween 2015

6:23:00 PM

We started the trick or treat season out with a trunk or treat in Grain Valley.  Porter chose to be Salvy.

Parker by no choice of her own was Minnie Mouse. 
This is the best one I got of both looking my direction.
For our anniversary we took the kids to Worlds of Fun for some trick or treating at the Camp Snoopy. 
Parker was a cupcake.
Sadly I was sick all day with the stomach bug on Halloween.
Drew took the kids to Bass Pro to get their picture taken with Snoopy Characters.  When they got home Porter and Drew went trick or treating for about an hour while Parker and I stayed at the house.
The Royals/World Series game was on so most houses turned off their lights around 7:30.  Drew and Porter were home shortly after. 
These are the only pics I have of the night. At one time Parker was dressed as a Mouse but I did not get any pictures of her in that costume.

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