Morning Chore List

8:35:00 PM

Porter had been struggling with morning routines since I went back to work, after summer break.  Every morning was a battle to get him out of bed, get his clothes on and brush his teeth.  I found a variety of charts on Pinterest that could have worked, but I wanted it to be more specific to our needs.  Here is a digital copy of what we made. MORNING CHORES  Feel free to make a copy and adjust it to your child's needs.

After two weeks of completing the checklist everyday we have seen a major improvement in Porters attitude and willingness to do what is expected.

I know some people will ask what reward does he get for getting all checks but I am a strong believer in NOT rewarding what is expected.  For now, the reward is marking the check ;), getting places on time in the morning, and everyone being happy.

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