Bear Hunt

8:57:00 PM

My mom is one of the most creative people I have ever met.  Last week she sent all of her grandkids (who could walk and were potty trained) invitations to a bear hunt.

I searched Pinterest for what to wear at a Bear Hunt and surprisingly this is a common party theme.  Who knew? Here's what we came up with. 
When we arrived at GiGi's (my moms) house the table was set for all of the little kids.
Each kid had their own vest made out of a paper bag.  They had binoculars, a hat and a flashlight.
All of the kids got dressed and we took a picture at the photo booth.
Parents were NOT allowed so we all left and the kids decorated their hats and their vests.
Each kid had two "stuffed" bears that they were to look for.  They were given a certain ribbon color this is how they would identify whose bear they had found.  
This book was the theme of the party.
They ended the night with roasting marshmallows by the camp fire.

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