Pulled Pork Sandwich

9:18:00 PM


Buns (hamburger or hot dog)
Appleton Farms Pulled Pork
1. Puncture bag of meat.
2. Place in microwave. Cook for length stated on package.
3. Place near on bun. 
*One package was enough for our family of three.  

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  1. We just had the Appletons Pulled Pork from ALDIS tonight. My mother was visiting and I needed a quick meal to make so that I could sit and enjoy my time with her instead of being in the kitchen. This was perfect. All I had to do was microwave it for a few minutes and put it out for all to enjoy. I also served ALDIS Cracked Black Pepper fries to go along with the BBQ. There was not a lot of fat in the BBQ, like in other store bought brands and it was not loaded with sauce which allowed us to add our own sauce to our liking. My family, as well as my mom all said that it was the best BBQ that we had tasted that came from a store. We will be buying this again!