Parker Anne Four Months

10:42:00 PM

Hair: Straight, getting longer on top, still looks light strawberry blonde

Weight: 13lbs
Height: 25 in long

Sleep: Currently sleeps from 8 to around 5:30am, when we get up for work.  Some nights she will wake up around 2:30am for an extra feeding. We just started sleeping without her swaddled because she is really close to rolling on to her belly from her back. 

Feeding: Finally opening up to the idea of a bottle.  Now that I have gone back to work she kind of has no choice. Eating every 2 1/2 hours sometimes longer with bottle feeding.  No real set schedule for daycare yet but usually eating around 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm (breastfed), 8pm then to bed.

Likes: Taking naps on daddy, jumper, big brother, Vera Bradley bunny, anything she can grab, watching the big kids play, soft blankets, pacifier 

Dislikes: Car Seat, long car rides, wet/dirty diapers, strangers
Went to see Granny in the hospital.
Hanging with Uncle Artie.
Lunchtime with brother. 
At Deanna Rose with Aunt Whitney.
At urgent care with a UTI.
At Silver Dollar City.
Rolling on side very close to belly.
Toes in mouth all of the time.
Drooling all over her clothes. She has to wear a permanent bib. 

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