Potty Training Porter

2:17:00 AM

I want to preface this by saying in no ways is this a "how to" on potty training. I am writing this simply as another memory in my child's life. I tend to ask my mom and/or mother in law how they did something when their kids were younger and both usually respond. "I can't remember I wish I would have wrote those things down." So here's how it went...

Of course, like all modern day mommys I read many articles on potty training. I prepared myself with the items needed pull ups, underwear, potty chair, chalk board, chalk, candy, plastic cover for the mattress, etc... I was determined Porter was going to be "trained" before he was two. My niece and nephew were training at the same time so I thought it would be good for P too. We set our timer for every twenty minutes and we would go to the bathroom. Sometimes we would have accidents and we would talk about how we have to clean up after ourselves. I always made him sit on the potty still to make sure he understood where the pee pee and poo was supposed to go.  I took the little portable potty with us everywhere we went.  Porter became "potty trained" before he was two....but that's just it he was "trained" to go to the bathroom and sit every twenty minutes. If we missed this window or forgot we were likely to have an accident. Although we would go in the potty we did not have the strength yet to always hold it. After multiple accidents in public I realized I was more trained than he was. I started this journey in July of 2014 and we tried again over Christmas break 2014 with no success. I had to keep telling myself all kids are different and he will get it when he is ready. April 2015 one week after we had our second child my mom was home with me and the kids. Porter said he had a dirty diaper and started to change himself. My mom said "if you are old enough to change yourself then you need to start using the potty." (Grandmas right!?)  She took him to the bathroom and gave him a large Hershey kiss for going.  She left this candy in a small box next to the toilet to motivate him. I'm not sure if it was the candy or the extra attention with a newborn that did the trick but since then we have been diaper free except for sleep times.  Most nap times are dry but we have not mastered getting out of bed at night to use the potty.  

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