Parker Anne Three Months

7:12:00 AM

Hair: fuzzy on top long in back


Sleep: longest sleep 11 hours...Feeds around 8-8:30pm and sleeps until 5am I feed her put her back in her crib until around 7:30am.  The past few nights she has slept from 9pm to 7am. (We have had a few nights she has woken up twice to feed and those are hard for mommy to stay awake!)

Feeding: Breastfeeding about every two and a half hours for about 20 minutes. We are still working on taking a bottle.  Mommy is still keeping milk out of diet.  It seems to be the main culprit of tummy aches ie: fussiness, rumbling belly, spit up, etc...

Likes: Mornings, brother, tummy time, her crib, bouncing, rocking, being held, playing with toys that light up and make sound, Vera Bradley Bunny

Dislikes: Being hot!  Her car seat therefore any car ride.  

We had our baby dedication this month at church.

Went to our first Royals game.

Went to the drive in.

Celebrated the fourth of July. 

Rolls over from front to back.
Holds her head up for long periods of time.
Sits in her bumbo seat during dinner.
Got in the pool on her raft at Grandma and Grandpas.
Stands strong on her feet when she is held by her armpits.
Met her Uncle Artie and Grandpa Art.

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