Parker Anne two months

12:07:00 PM

Hair: (similar to Porters) Parkers hair has grown like a bald man trying to hang on to the last few pieces she has. Top is bald long around the bottom and sides.  still looks reddish/brown.  Mainly is straight unless she gets sweaty.
Weight: 10 lb 3 oz
Height: 22.8 in
Sleep: Longest sleep 8 hours...Consistently sleeping 8pm to 1:30am then 2am to 5am then we usually cuddle until Porter wakes up around 8am. Sleeping the entire night in her crib.
Feeding: Still breastfeeding about every two hours.  She has refused to take a bottle but I did get her to take one successfully yesterday! Taking the Minnie Mouse paci more.
Likes: smile time in morning and right before bed, big brother, sitting up, being held up so she can see, the swing at Grandmas, her crib
Dislikes: car seat, dairy in mommys milk

First trip to the zoo with the Whites.
Uncle TJ came to town.  Love at first sight.
First time to the pool but no swimming for me yet...
First full day away from Mommy at Auntie Ambers.

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