Spring Break 2015

2:07:00 PM

This is the last chance P and I get to spend together before the baby comes.  I wanted to make sure we got to do as many things as he wanted while Mommy still could. We had such a great time I want to make sure I document those times before little sister comes so I can cherish the moments and laughs we got to have.

Monday: Porter has a small obsession with playing in the sand.  Our church has a sand volleyball court so we went to Target and bought some sand toys.  We then went to the sand box and "digged" for as long as we could.  (While at target we were in the female product isle, P picks up a bag of pads and says "mommy diapers.")

Tuesday: The KC Union Station has a planetarium that is playing Big Bird.  P and I went to this show and then went to see Daddy at work.  It was such a nice day that we went back to the sandbox and "digged" some more.

Wednesday: We went to the Kansas City Zoo with all of our cousins.  It was a bit crazy at first because it was one adult on two kids.  The kids had a great time.  We saw the polar bears, the gorillas, the penguins, and so many more animals.

Thursday:  I had a doctors appointment so P went to Aunties house.  At the doctors appointment the baby was measuring small so we I had to come back to get a sonogram.  In the end the only reason for measuring small came from a small baby.  Thoughts were we may be leaking fluid and needed to make sure everything was ok.  P and I did not get to spend much time together, but when we got home we found an unexpected animal in the basement.  We found a snake!!! My initial thought was let Drew get it, but I did not want to give it an opportunity to crawl around my house, so we had to kill it.  We both felt pretty powerful after that.  Thursday night we got to go to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

Friday: Friday morning was pretty rainy and gloomy so we just laid around and watched tv.  We met a friend for lunch at Chik Fil a and then went to see the movie Home.  This was P's first 3D movie.

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