Parker Anne Two weeks

8:15:00 AM

Everything I post on here has been for myself either a recipe I don't want to forget or memories of my kids that I want to cherish.  I started this blog to remember the stages of life for Porter but now with two it has been nice to look back at what I wrote two years ago and remember I made it through the newborn stage once.

Today, Parker is two weeks old! It is amazing how slow the nights seem but the time truly does fly. 
Week One:
Parker would not sleep anywhere but on Drews chest. This was exhausting! We both were scared to death that she would fall off.  This did not allow for either  of us to get much sleep.  Milk came in on day three and there was too much! My mom brought a pillow over that we placed first on the bed and Parker finally slept off of our chests. The next night we placed the pillow in the pack and play and she was out of our bed. This was our number one goal. To start off Parker was up eating every two hours.
️Porter had his moments that he wanted attention, which is understandable for a two year old, but overall he has been great with the baby. He says it is his baby and every morning and night he has to kiss her and hold her.  We are all learning to be a family of four. 

Week Two:
We have started the routine of feeding at 8 pm when Porter goes to bed. We swaddle Parker and out her in the pack and play around 8:45.  She usually sleeps until 12am then feeds for about an hour and goes back to sleep until around 5am.  

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