Homemade Bow Holders

9:08:00 AM

I really needed something for our baby girls headbands.  I had seen some pretty expensive holders on etsy so I figured I would see if I could make something myself.

Here is what you need:
1/2 yard Material (bought at wal mart)
2 cylinders with removable lids (see details of size below bought at Michaels) 
Not pictured: scissors and hot glue gun

Lay out your material and remove the lids from the cylinders.
I kept the material double lined.  Roll the cylinder to measure how much material you will need for the length and width.
Cut material to fit each cylinder.
Wrap the cylinder with material and tuck the extra material on the ends into the ends of the cylinder like seen below.
Pull the material as taught as you can and add the lids to the ends.
Then hot glue the edge of the material so the flap does not come up. And it will help with your frays. 

Final products:

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