Aldi frozen meal plan

2:33:00 PM

As I'm prepping for my second baby I want to make sure I have meals that are easy to prep and clean up. I have put together 4 recipes that are freelance and yummy.  All items in the recipes can be bought at Aldi, but some are not because it is what I had on hand.  We cooked 9 meals in one hour and the total cost for 11 meals was around $65.

11 meals=11 dinners I don't have to cook
Some people count meals as how many you can feed.  In that case 11x4=44 meals for $65 

You will need to buy aluminum pans somewhere other than Aldi's. 
I like to double line the baggies.
Label all of he baggies with the date, food, and cooking instructions.
I precooked the chicken and thawed the ground meat. 
I use an onion chopper to chop all veggies. This will cut your time in half. 
I place my frozen meals straight in crockpot.  You can thaw but if you don't have time it's not a big deal.
Do not attempt alone. I made with my sister and makes time go a lot faster and makes it easier.

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