1st Trimester

5:33:00 PM

Surprise!!! We are preggos!  Part of the reason I have not posted in a loooong time.  So excited to announce on here first that we will be expecting in April of 2015.  P is very excited to be a big brother.
Here we are at 9 weeks before a royals game.  Not sure if it looks like am showing or not, but currently all clothes still fit and actually down 6 lbs. (similar with first pregnancy)
This picture I took last week we were 12 weeks in this shot. Pudge or bump?? Either way something is growing.  This time around has been a lot tougher on my body.  I was told not to workout until our first "doctors" appointment.  I thought maybe this was the cause of all the nausea I had been feeling.  With P I ran at least five times a week.  Last week we had our first doctors appointment.  She cleared me to work out and it hasn't made much of a difference.  Most days it is just nausea but some days it is (next part may be tmi) head in toilet for thirty minutes.
Hoping that with the first trimester coming to an end there will be end to this gross feeling.  I get asked a lot if I am maybe having a girl or twins?? We will find out around Thanksgiving time one way or another. Or like the doctor said maybe "both" ways.  Despite everything so happy to be pregnant and happy to have heard the heartbeat. 

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