Summer School Classroom Incentives

11:51:00 AM

In summer school this year I was not in my classroom, so I needed something that I could utilize and keep track of without having many resources.  I decided to do classroom money.

Money I used:  FREE on teacher pays teacher

Classroom Money Blank Template
Classroom Money Template

Ways to earn money:
1. Completing the assignment in class.
2. Being the only student on task.
3. Winning class games/trivia
4. Where ever I saw fit recognizing good deeds, showing good sportsmanship, etc...

Ways to spend money:
$1 pen or pencil
$4 goodie bag: candy, lip gloss, suckers, stickers, etc...
$5 you choose pandora station
$5 only do evens or odds of the assignment
$8 swap seats for the rest of summer school 
$8 entire table eat snack from home
$10 sit at teachers desk
$20 listen to head phones during one class period

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