Healthy Treats

10:49:00 AM

Lately I have been on this health kick.  Trying to lose weight for my sister's wedding and participating in diet bet.  Here are few of my favorite healthy treats recipes' I have found online.  I found these are good meal replacements and healthy options.  Not too much sugar.  Remember everything in moderation and just because it is a healthier option than Dairy Queen you cannot have an endless amount.

Healthy Chunky Monkey Smoothie
Chunky monkey
Homemade Peanut Butter Granola Bars
Granola Bars
Bananna chocolate bites
Cookie dough yogurt
 Aldi greek yogurt
Greek Yogurt

Aldi Smoothie

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  1. I tried the Chunky Monkey minus the cocoa mix (out) and it was delicious.
    I appreciate you sharing your recipes & meal ideas using Aldi's items. I
    am in the process of getting back to shopping more simply and meal
    planning. You have a lot of great info on your blog!