Data Walls

6:21:00 AM

This year was a first of many for me...first year in building, first year as Math teacher, first year as tested subject, and first time having to truly look at data. Here are a few ways I displayed in my classroom.

Fraction Fridays
By class we tracked how many out of 5 they got right.  The students also had a data sheet in their notebook as well. Even though the lines are not completely linear the trend is still up. The line above the goal line was my pre-algebra.

Acuity testing A, B and C
Students take a predictor tests to see where they would fall if they took the map test right at the time of the Acuity test given.  The acuity is given three times.  I tracked growth by class on a bar graph of their MPI scores.

Scatter Plot
Instead of teaching students about scatter plot we used one to determine if turning in homework effects your grade, when 70% of the class grade is tests or quizzes.  The trend went up as more homework was turned in the grades went up. 

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