Candy Memory Game

4:03:00 PM

Looking for a game that is not too cheesy to play at your shower?  Well here it is...
Candy Wedding Game Bridal Shower Game
We played this memory game online and projected on our tv through Apple tv.  I have seen this game also played using poster board.  I actually did make one for a baby shower I hosted. Click here to see that shower.

Ok so how do you play?
It's just like memory you played when you were a kid. Have your guests pick two cards and the computer flips them for you.  Go around the room and have each person pick two cards until someone get's a match.  When someone does they get a prize.

So what are under the memory cards?
Different wedding terms that are later related to a candy bar.  Here are the candy bars you will need:

Ring Pop- Wedding ring
Everlasting Gobstoppers- Commitment
Skor Bar- Wedding Night
Smarties- Bridesmaids
Hot Tamales- The Bride
Life Savers- Parents
Three Musketeers- Groomsmen
Twizzlers- Tie the knot
Mr. Goodbar- The groom
Fun Dip- First Dance Move

Here is a link to different candy and ways you can play this game.

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