Camping Bridal Shower

2:16:00 PM

My sister's wedding is coming up this summer, so the bridesmaids and my mom hosted a bridal shower for her.  Her fiance and her love to go camping, they are very outdoorsy people.  So naturally we decided to have a camping theme bridal shower.  Here are what the invites looked like.  To order something like this check out this etsy store nelliev2. 

We did different breakfast type foods.

Two of the girls made this Camp Smith sign (her fiances last name is Smith) which was perfect for decorations and pictures.
My sister and her best friends.

My chalkboards.
One of the girls came up with the idea to do a trail mix table.  This was our party favor. You can get the free printables here.

We played this Candy Memory Game. 
Candy Wedding Game Bridal Shower Game
My mother and I wih the bride to be.

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  1. We had a really pleasing event here. Although for some reason, our slideshow did not play with music, it was just a small imperfection hided by so many other shining parts.

  2. Hi! I found this post on Pinterest. I'm planning a camp-themed shower for my little sister in March. How did you make the invitations? Do you have a template that you'd be willing to share? They look great! Thanks so much.

    1. Hi! I actually bought them on Etsy. See the link above to purchase. I found the invites pretty reasonable. The invitation I purchased cannot be edited. Sorry!

    2. Thanks! I should've read more closely. I see that now. I'll check it out. Thanks for getting back to me!