Our trip to Disneyland

5:23:00 AM

Once again Drew was going to an amazing place for work. This time it was Disneyland! I did not see how Porter and I could miss out on this opportunity to see Mickey Mouse.

We flew into LAX on a Tuesday night after work.  I made my flight and park snack packs which saved us time and money.  Porter did great on both flights, the second flight had TVs on the back of each seat.  Drew and Porter were in their glory.
Porter was such a trooper.  We finally got in at 12 Western time so 2 AM  at home and Porter was still going.  The next day we slept in a little and went to a character breakfast with Mickey and Friends.
Porter and I explored Downtown Disney. (Not as good as Disney World's Down Town Disney).
Enjoyed the nice weather and went to the pool.
The second day we went to Disney's California Adventure. Such a cool park!  They have an awesome section called Radiator Springs, this mimics the city in the movie Cars.
Aladdin show hands down the best show I have ever seen at any Disney park.
Ate a Mickey Mouse ice cream....
Someone did not want to share.
Finally Daddy got there to watch the parade.
I enjoyed a turkey leg for dinner.
The last day we went to Disneyland. Let me preface this with saying it has nothing on Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Porter was so excited to see "Hot Dog" Mickey.
We had to see him twice.
Me and my baby.
Didn't get to spend much time with Daddy on this day, but we had a good time.  Overall we had a good time.  Check out my blog on Dinsey World vs Dinseyland.

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