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Norwex is something that I have recently been introduce to.  My friend at work started using the product and fell in love with it so much that now she is selling it.  I am always skeptical of going to parties and buying products I will never use, but that has not been the case with Norwex for me.
What is Norwex?
ABC's of Cleaning the Norwex way.
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What products have I tried?
My Mom has this dusting mitt and she uses it on her blinds.  I am waiting to try it on mine.
LOVE Norwex products!  I am having a party August 13, Hostess: Lesa Husmann
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I have used the body rags on my face instead of using facewash (therefore saved money.)  Since doing so my face has been the clearest I can remember for a long time.  It is nice because I keep one in my shower and one by my sink. It was convenient when we traveled to Disney World.  It was really nice to throw my rags in my suitcase and not have to worry about my face wash spilling all over my bag.  Not me in the picture below but I wish I did have a before and after photo.
A fellow Norwex consultant shared: She used just the Norwex Body Cloth and Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth (with ONLY WATER) on her face for four months. She had dealt with acne and a myriad of products to try to clear it up. She quit using all face washes and soap in June.  Thank you, Amanda Nicole Rowan for sharing!
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When I think of chemical smells from cleaning I think of the toilet cleaner I put in my toilet bowl.  Recently I purchased the toilet bowl brush it is a rubber like brush that comes with its own holder.  It seemed to get the job done fast and I did not have to smell the bleach smell I got from my old cleaner.  Oh and it has that small brush to clean under the edge of the bowl.  Gross, I know, but who knew there was so much under there?
The Norwex Ergonomic Toilet Brush rinses completely clean with only water. The rubber bristles will not scratch or rust over time, which means a cleaner, longer-lasting brush. And the special rim extension is designed to clean the hard-to-reach area under the rim, quickly and easily.
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The envirocloth is great for really anywhere.  I really need to get more of these.  I currently use this in my kitchen.  I can get quite a few uses out of it without washing.  It is nice because I do not have to spray any anti-bacterial chemical to clean my counters or more importantly to clean Porter's  hi-chair.  Again, one more way I am saving money because I do not have to purchase cleaning sprays.
Use the Norwex Enviro cloth on all surfaces that need to be cleaned indoor and out.  LOVE Norwex products!  I am selling this product now because I truly believe it is good for humans and the environment! This stuff is life changing.
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My next purchase is going to be the window cloth.  This should eliminate the other main chemical I use while cleaning, Windex.  I think the picture explains it all.
norwex before and after | WHO CAN STAND: All Natural Cleaning - a Norwex Review
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Convinced yet?  If so, go here to purchase your next product.  I suggest starting with the envirocloth.

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