18 months

7:23:00 AM

I cannot believe Porter is now 18 months. People do not lie when they say time flies when you have kids. Before I know it he will be going to kindergarten...

We had our check up and Porter weighed 23 pounds in the 10% and height 33 3/4in in 34%. 
Very busy loves to play and eat! Currently his favorite toys are choo choo and his kitchen with all of the food. Maybe one day he will become a chef. Favorite foods are any fruits and vegetables. His newly found love is cookies.
Favorite tv shows are Hot Dog (Mickey Mouse Club House), Choo Choo (Thomas and Friends), and sometimes Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 
In honor of his love for Choo Choo's we took him to Fritz's to see the train that delivers your food.
Porter has many words but the ones we hear the most are "papa home?" "Dada home?" I hear these phrases at least 30 times a day. 
Here Porter is having "man time" with Papa at Home Depot, on Tuesdays Papa has been picking up Porter to help us out. 
Here is Dada and Porter taking a bubble bath together. Porter calls it "bubbles."
Two peas in a pod both playing on their tablets. So thankful for these two boys could not ask for a better role model for Porter.
Went to the Lake last weekend and got see Uncle TJ and take a bath with our cousin Addie. (Which porter can say both names and he recognizes both without hesitation.)
Celebrating valentines and 18 months went to Union Station and Porters first dance at Hogan. 

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