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I want to start off by saying we are traveling for four days three nights to Walt Disney World in January.  Flying from Kansas City to Orlando with two adults and a 16 month old.  I say this because every persons prep may be different. I just came to Disney a few months ago when Porter was nine months and the things I packed then were completely different. He was an infant and now he is a toddler.  

Snack prep:
I started a while back collecting snacks and goodies to take with us. Here are a few of the items we collected. All from Aldi of course!

I wanted to have a large freezer bag for each day with all the snacks. I thought this would save time for when I get there. All I would have to do is pull out the bag for that day place it in the diaper bag and go. This would also save space in our checked luggage. There is no way all of the boxes these snacks came in would have fit. Here are the four bags I labeled.
I have two flight bags one for on the way and one for on the way back and two park bags for the two days we are going to the parks.  These are packed differently because with flying I wanted to make sure I had a few tricks up my sleeve in case Porter became "that" child on the plane. Here is what was in each bag:
Flight bags:
1. Few pieces of candy to be used as bribe :)
2. Apple sauce in the squeeze pouches (awesome for travel)
3. Crunchy peanut butter bar (compared to Clif bars)
4. Fruit bars both grape and strawberry banana
5. Cereal like Cheerios or fruit loops
6. Play Packs found in Target $1 aisle it included crayons, coloring/activity book, and stickers this kept him busy for quite a while

Park bags:
1. Hot cocoa the parks will give you cold and hot water for free if you ask for it
2. Crystal light drink powder packs
3. Fruit snacks
4. S'mores drizzled mini crisps (100 calorie sweet snack)
5. Bottled water 
6. Pretzels
7. Animal crackers

This helped us entertain while waiting in some of the long lines or long bus rides. Hope you find this helpful!

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  1. When we went back in 2012 the parks would not give me hot water. At the time I needed it to warm a bottle. They said it was a potential hazard or something. (Guess they were afraid I would spill it and burn myself then sue them) I was eating at one of the counter service places, perhaps in a sit down restaurant they will?

    1. We just went to Disney January 2014. At Disney Hollywood Studios and at our resort we were able to get hot water for free when we requested it. It was even given to us in the hot cocoa cups with the hot drink lids. I felt spoiled. Hope this helps!

  2. I love that you have products available at Aldi in your pictures. I was like yes, this is the blog for me when I saw them. Thanks for your help. First Disney trip for us coming up May 2016.