How to make a Diaper Cake

3:23:00 PM

Items Needed:

65 diapers any size works (I used size 1 here)
Circle piece of cardboard
Paper towel roll
Rubber bands small and large
Wide ribbon
Ribbon skinnier than your other
Cake topper (shoes)
Hot glue/double sided tape

1. Roll diapers bind with small rubber bands. Make sure to roll any design on inside.
2. Cut out piece of cardboard or buy at store.
3. Tape paper towel roll to circle cardboard piece.
4. Start putting diapers together to make each layer. Start with bottom layer it will need 38 diapers.  I used large rubber bands around each inner circle to keep together.
5. Second layer needs 18 diapers, again keep each set together using large rubber bands.
6. Third layer needs 6 diapers.
8. I then filled the paper towel roll with 3 diapers for reinforcement.
9. Cut and paste/glue ribbon on to cake. Remember to not actually glue the diaper because you will ruin them, just glue the ribbon together. Here is the ribbon I used both bought at Wal Mart.
10. Top your cake with what you choose and clip your bow on to the cake.

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  1. very cute!! im going to make this diaper cake for my sister!

  2. Hi, would you be willing to share where I could find the little shoes you used for the topper? I bought an outfit for my daughter and those little shoes would match perfectly!!

    1. Yes! I found them at Walmart but like 3 years ago in the winter.