5 NON-Grocery Items We Love From Aldi

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As you can tell most of the ingredients I use for recipes are from Aldi, but I have learned you can get so much more than just groceries. You can say we tried them before you buy them!  Here are five things that we love from Aldi that are not groceries.
1. Dog treats
They have a variety of small dog to large dog treats and raw hides. 
Had to throw a picture in of my puppies. These pups love the treats from Aldi, and as far as I can tell it has not effected their digestive system at all. (If you know what I mean.)
2. Paper Towels
This is a brand of paper towel they sell that we buy.  I think they have other brands that are thicker, but we are not people who use paper towels religiously.  We simply use them to dry hands in the kitchen and wipe up small messes. If you want heavy duty cleaners this may not be the brand for you.
3. Baggies (freezer/sandwich)
These are really thick and lock really well. We like them better than the name brand. Make sure you get the twin lock if you are using for freezing of any kind, they are much thicker.
4. Trash bags
This is what we use in our kitchen and our Diaper Champ. They seem to hold a lot of trash/stuff and lock in the smell.
5. Dryer Sheets
These seem to get the job done. I'm not a freak about laundry, but sometimes my husband is and he seems to like them.

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  1. I love Aldi! We started using the freezer bags recently. I will have to start using the paper towel and the trash bags when we're through with what we currently have. Found this post through Pinterest. ~ Jamie