How to Save on Groceries

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With my Aldi meal planners out on the web, I have had some questions on how much I really save?! Well, we never really tracked our finances before Porter was born, because we were well...Stupid.  Sorry but I wish I could go back and really be in control of my finances but we weren't and that is a different blog for a different day.  Anyways we now spend about $100 every other week. This averages out to be about $220 a month on groceries for two people and a one year old who is an eating machine.  

So you ask how? Here are a few tips:

1. Shop at Aldi only. I do not go into any other store. I try to not even tempt myself. One time Aldi was closed on Labor Day and I had to go to Walmart and I spent $300 on which was suppose to be a $100 Aldi trip.  I know someone who is a manager at Walmart and their goal is to get every customer to spend an extra $27 on top of what they already planned on buying. Here is a great blog if you are not convinced. Reasons I love Aldi Shopping

2. Make a list.  I plan out our meals two weeks in advance.  I write down everything we will cook for two weeks and I put all of the ingredients into an app called Wonderlist. This app allows my husband and I to share any kind of lists.  We have one list labeled Aldi. When he runs out of something he needs for lunch or breakfast he puts it on the list so I see it.  Before I go to Aldi I take the list and go through our food and check off anything we already have.  When I'm in the parking lot at Aldi I look at the list before I go in, before I checkout, and usually at the end of every aisle. (Aldi only has 4 aisles) Seems redundant but I want to make sure I don't forget anything.  Here is an example of my meals and grocery list before I go through our cabinets. Aldi Menu Planner

3. Stick to the list and do not stray from it. My sister says if she sees something she likes not on her list, she adds it to the list for next time and if she still wants it on that trip then she gets it.

4. Go alone. Aldi is kind of a difficult place to shop with an infant, because you have to bag your own groceries. When you take other people you are tempted to buy items not on your list. (I try to go during nap time on Sunday.)

5. Eat before you go. Shopping on an empty stomach is a bad mistake. You will be tempted to shop off of your list, not to mention less patient.

6. Use leftovers for lunches. Try not to let anything go to waste.

7. Coupons...NO I'm not going to say use them! First Aldi doesn't take coupons, but if you shop somewhere else do not use them, unless you are a professional couponer.  I found myself buying things just because I had a coupon, or worse I would pay more for a name brand because I had a coupon when the off brand was cheaper without a coupon. 

Hope this can help your budget. Let me know if there are any questions.

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  1. I have been looking for a blog just like this! Thanks!!

    1. Awesome! Hope you find other articles helpful here.