Aldi Meal Planner #2 Grocery List

3:44:00 PM

Grocery List: Remember to check your cupboards before you go.  You may have many of the items listed below.  If you go to Aldi remember your quarter.


2 bags of Kirkwood frozen Chicken breasts or thighs
1 bag of Bremer meatballs
1 lb Kirkwood ground turkey
3 lb whole fryer chicken
(Optional) Appleton Farms fully cooked bacon

2 cans of Bake House crescent rolls
1 Package Reggano Egg Noodles
1 box Chefs cupboard Stuffing Mix
6 deli rolls
1 box Reggano elbow macaroni
1 box Fit and Active Brown Rice cooked
1 box of pasta any kind

3 packs of Fit and Active Cream Cheese softened
2 bags Happy Farms cheddar cheese
6 pack of Imperial butter
1 bag Happy Farm Italian Style Cheese
1 bag Happy Farms mozzarella cheese
1 Happy Farms light sour cream

1 bag frozen hash browns

1 bag of onions
1 bag Golden potatoes

3 cans Chefs Cupboard chicken broth
4 cans Chefs Cupboard cream of chicken soup
1 Can of Happy Harvest Whole Kernel corn
1 can Happy Farms diced tomatoes
1 can Happy Harvest green beans
2 jar of Reggano spaghetti sauce
1 jar of Priano Alfredo sauce
1 jar grated Reggano Parmesan cheese

1 packet Casa Mamita taco seasoning
1 packet Stone Mill ranch mix
Stonehill garlic powder
Salt and Pepper

Nonstick spray


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  1. I am using your meal planner while we are trapped inside due to cold weather. Thanks for the great list and recipes! Much appreciated!!!

  2. Are the Aldi meatballs good? I love the frozen ones from Trader Joe's but have not been crazy about any others from other stores (and honestly have even wondered what was in them).