16 Months

9:41:00 AM

Thanksgiving has passed and we are getting ready for our second Christmas as a family of three. At thanksgiving people thought possibly Porter had a tape worm.  They could not believe he could eat so much!  

Porter is really starting to get a personality. He has a few common phrases or words he says a lot. "Oh My Gosh!" Is my favorite one right now. Not sure where he picked this one up at, but he says "um" a lot and I am pretty sure this came from me.  
Porter can count to three but there is no concept of numbers he thinks it is what you say when you want to be thrown in the air by daddy or race someone around the living room. 

His favorite foods are fruits, vegetables, and twisty pretzels.  Favorite tv show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He likes all kinds of sports on tv too.  Last night, Sporting KC won the MLS cup and Porter was yelling at the tv "ball" "ball" to help the players know where the ball was of course. Church gave us a soccer ball and we have been practicing passing at home. Uncle TJ got porter Golf clubs for his Birthday and those became something instantly glued to his hand.
 P can hit a ball off the tee and carry a glove in his hand.  He even caught the baseball with the glove the other day.  Oh ya and he loves dancing and singing. When I put this tutu on him he started dancing around.
Books are a favorite too. Currently Where Is Baby Mickeys Shoe is his favorite book.
I am just so amazed at how fast he is growing and how smart he is getting.  Trying not to take any time or phase for granted.

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