Aldi Meal Planner-Crockpot Edition

4:55:00 PM

After the success of the Aldi Meal Planner, I have decided to pool all of the crockpot meals together into one.  If you are like me fall/winter is the time of the year to use the crockpot to make your dinners.

All of the ingredients that I use are from Aldi.  As a young couple with a toddler we are trying to cut corners wherever we can.  Although, we do like Aldi and would probably shop there even if we were not trying save money.  If you are curious...I go shopping every other weekend (when Drew gets paid) and we spend an average of $115 every two weeks.  This is for everything except Milk.  We usually have to get milk every week, since our one year old drinks it like water and we send it to daycare too.

Italian Chicken and Vegetables

Chicken and Stuffing

Chicken and Noodles

Potato Soup

Chicken Burrito

Cheesy Chicken and Rice

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