Filing Cabinet Makeover

9:17:00 PM

Items needed:
Filing cabinet
sand paper
Modge podge
Wrapping paper
Spray paint

Steps to making over your filing cabinet:

Starts here

1. Find an old filing cabinet at garage sale or good will. 
2. Sand down the sides of the cabinet with sand paper.
3. Tape off the parts that you do not want to be painted.  I also placed a painters tarp under it since I painted inside.
4. I spray painted the sides and the back with Ble Ocean Breeze Krylon Spray paint.
5. I did have to do two coats of this spray paint.
6. After the paint dried I removed the tape.  
7. I had to use pliers to remove the handle and the knobs from the outside of the drawer. (This could be different for other cabinets.)
8. I used wrapping paper to cover the two square drawers.
9. First I cut the paper to just a little larger than the outside of the drawer. 
10. Place Modge podge on drawers and then place cut out paper on top.  Make sure to use a credit cars to smooth out the bubbles.
11.  Fold the paper around the edges and use Modge podge to glue down.
12. Leave drawers open to dry and put knobs and handles back on. 
To finish out here:

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  1. Love this filing cabinet! I am considering doing 3 large ones in my classroom. I am contemplating my colors. Thanks for sharing!


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