Aldi Meal Planner

2:12:00 PM

I have been wanting to create a meal planner for myself and others who continually ask how do you buy groceries only at Aldi.  This is an inspiration I got from Mom Advice she has two FREE Aldi menu planners.  Again this was my inspiration.  We did this when we were trying to save money to purchase our first home.  This meal plan helped us to not eat out which in the end probably helped us to eat healthier too, although I am not promoting that these meals are "healthy." I will provide for you meals that can feed up to four (Drew and I usually eat for dinner and then have leftovers for work the next day) and the grocery list of everything you need.  If you are like me this is what helped the most.  I would hate when I would come to a recipe and then not have something.  This would then result in me not making it.

Below is the list of meals to choose from. Here is the grocery list to make all of these meals.

Grocery List

Baked Zucchini
Baked Ziti
Breakfast Burritos
Brown Rice, Chicken, Black Bean Bake
Cheesy Chicken and Rice- crockpot

If you like this try my Aldi Meal Planner #2. 

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