Porters Puppy Pawty

7:48:00 AM

It has been a year since we first met our little one. It has been an amazing year filled with many first and loves for Porter. But I think the thing he took a liking to the most was puppies. With having two of our own (Mike and Zoey) Porter has developed a love and infatuation with dogs.  This lead us to the theme of his first birthday!  Puppy Party! 
Here is the "treats you can eat" table. 
"Pet adoption" all of the little kids took home beanie baby dogs. Of course these are beanie babies from Drew and I's childhood.  Dog bone water bottles. And doggie bags for your dogs at home.
Porters cake made by our cousin Rachel!
Cupcakes in the shape of a dog and a bone. Made by my sister Ashlee.
I made a dog house out of cardboard to take the kids pictures.  This is my niece Hope! 
Porters shirt from Etsy.

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